De nooduitgang van nu

About us

In 2015 I started KTG-Solutions. We distribute the icon that marks the accessibility for disabled people. Our mission is, to wake people up and show them how important it is that their business or property is accessible to everyone but also safe to leave in case of an emergency. 

Both entry and accessibility in a building for disabled people and other people who are not self-reliant must be safe and regulated. But getting out of the building in case of an emergency is sometimes forgotten.

During my inspections I found out that the emergency exits, and escape routes are usually not suitable for people who are not self-reliant. I wanted to do something about the famous icon with the running male. Especially because I am a wheelchair user myself.

In 2018, I therefore developed and submitted a new icon and presented it to Mrs. Ollongrenminister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations.

The icon has come a long way, but at the end of October 2020 the important message finally came. My design had been accepted and the icon will be included in the NEN 3011/ISO 7010 and in the Dutch Building Act!

 At our website you can order the new icons. But with only an icon, your accessibility and safety are not regulated yet… 

Petra Postma-Jansen

Petra Postma-Jansen
Keurmerk Toegankelijkheid Gehandicapten


In addition to delivering the icons, we can help you, as a property owner, installer, architect, or contractor.

Want to make sure you are placing the new icon in the right places in your building? Do you also want to be sure that both your accessibility and your ergonomics are in order and meet all the requirements of the Building Act?

KTG-Solutions knows all the guidelines. In combination with our experience as a wheelchair user, you are assured that with our advice you will realize the right escape routes, emergency exits and thus a safe building for every visitor and resident.

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